Information Deprivation

OMG – MacWorld is on right now! And there is no twitter to uptdate me on what it happening.

It’s 4am my time, I pray for a return of the days of the live feed of the keynote.

My only lifeline to the goings on at MacWorld 2008 is Engadget and even that seems a little unresponsive. Call me an Apple Fan Boy (which I willingly accept I once was not) but jeez don’t make it so hard for me to get info.

Woo product number one Time Capsule. A wireless HDD exclusively for use with Time Machine. 500GB version @ 299 and a 1TB version @ $499. Some one prediction of a wireless drive is true and accurate. Looks like an airport base station.

TimeCapsule from apple

Every second refresh on Engadget is failing, guess they are getting a little overloaded, perhaps they should have slimmed down their pages, but then all that ad revenue (not that I am looking at the ads at all).

Second big announcement, Apple declaring they have 20% of the retail smart-phone space in the US in just 200 days of sale. Fark that’s pretty amazing. Most successful phone EVER.

OMG Lyrics in the iPod (on the iPhone) – Finally freakin out now. Also Subtitles and languages in movies. Surely these are coming to the iPod Touch too, don’t leave us hanging Steve.

You can also get your current location in the Maps app on the iPhone. And the SDK will be available in February to create 3rd-party apps.

Multiple SMS capability, send SMS to more than one person.

I admit that the iPhone info doesn’t really appeal to me as I don’t have one yet and am unwilling to purchase a hacked one, which wouldn’t be able to receive this update any way.

Sounds like they have taken Summerboard, there will now be multiple pages for the launch screen of the iPhone, you customise by pressing the screen and the icons start to jiggle. I guess that will be cute. Up to 9 home screens.

Every iPhone will get the update that will bring all of these items to it.

Woohoo – Mail, maps, stocks, notes and weather coming to the iPod touch. I really, really have been hanging for notes… in fact it is the reason I hacked it a few months back, only to un-hack it later. Freaking finally Apple, thanks, so when can I have the update? WTF I have to pay for these for my Touch? $20 bucks, what tha!

If that is true it kind of blows, it has been known for some time that the software updates have been the same size for both the iPod Touch and the iPhone, which implies that the same software is on the thing in the first place, just hidden away. Arggghh. I guess I will pay if it is true, but I won’t necessarily be happy about it.

iTunes Movie Rentals, completly expected. That’s the third thing, at the start they announced there would be four things, but of course it really means five cause of Steve’s traditional “one more thing”. Of rouse movie rentals means nothing to use in Australia, we don’t even have movies yet, except of course the Pixar Short Films and Music Videos. So that one I’m still snoring about.

Movies will be available from ALL the major studios, 30 days after DVD release. 30 days to start watching it and 24 hours to complete watching it, transferable to any iTunes enabled device / iPod. Library titles $2.99, New release $3.99.

So glad we didn’t by the AppleTV yet, just announced the AppleTV take 2. No computer required, rather than sync from your main iTunes computer it is now stand alone. Has Dolby 5.1 and can rent movies in DVD quality or full-HD. Has YouTube and Flickr integration for Video and Photo presentation. Sweet.

You can also now buy items through AppleTV and it will sync back to your main computer. Ahh HD content is +$1, making library items $3.99 and new release $4.99. 100 titles today, 1,000 by the end of February.

New user interface for the AppleTV too.

Yikes all the feeds are failing, Twitter is down, Engadget live feed from Macworld is down.

Engadget is back… Apple TV – Take 2 is just $299 US. Pretty cheap. And it appears that it is merely a software upgrade for the older units. Free upgrade, seems more likely they should have to pay $20.

Can’t believe an hour has passed already… time flies when Steve’s having fun.

There it is, the MacBook Air, a third in the line-up not a replacement for the MacBook. C’mon refresh damn it, I want details, details!

Fits in a manilla folder! just 0.16 inches thick. WTF is that right? that’s only 4mm, the same thickness of the iPod Touch, that can’t be right. Where’s the pics? Farrrkkk. Not sure I want one, I would probably break the thing.

MacBook Air

Okay not quite as thin as I was picturing in my head. Battery, HDD (80GB iPod Size, or 64GB SSD) and electronics are all that is in it. 13.3 in Widescreen display. Maybe I do want one. I’ll have a MacBook Pro at my new job… why not a MacBook Air at home :P No Optical drive which was expected, and with 802.11n on board who needs it, as long as you have another computer to get stuff of that is.

A DVD drive is available fo US$99 to go with the computer. But apparently you won’t need it, it can “borrow” another computers optical drive with “special software”, couldn’t you do this in the past (at least on a PC) by sharing the optical drive. I suppose on a Mac you couldn’t because the drive doesn’t really exist to the OS unless something is in it.

I guess Steve is assuming that most homes are two or three computer homes (we have 5).

Macbook Air from the Side

Woo Steve says “They’re a little pricey” that must be bad. Starting at US$1799 ouchy that is pricey. It is the first environmental mac too, no mercury or arsenic in the display and the boards are bromide and PVC free. Nice Apple, nice.

Randy Newman is performing… still “one more thing” to go surely.

C’mon Randy stop singing so the folks will update their feeds.

1 hour 42 minutes in and Twitter has been up and down throughout, Engadget has been (at times) unresponsive, MacLife has been a little better. Engadget reported they have a load 10x greater than last year.

How does one keynote bring parts of the internet to it’s knees, but still only retain 6% market-share in the computing platform. Perhaps the iPhone and expected iPhone announcements are the cause.

We didn’t hear about the 3G iPhone, or the 16GB iphone, I guess for now it’s staying 8GB and Edge!

What tha, singings over, no “one more thing”! No JayZ, no music label. oh bummer… Now tell me how I can get my hands on the iPod Touch update… NOW. :D

Sorry for the long-winded and boring (for most) blog post, it as written while I was watching the live feeds (when they were live). Spelling errors and grammar are to be expected, it is just 5:50am and I woke almost three hours ago.

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