I want to take your picture

In fact I want to take pictures all the time, every day, all day… if I could, it would be my job. And yeah I know I can, but I also can’t.

I can’t afford to stop doing what I’m doing in the hope of making something of my photography. I can’t stop looking around and seeing what others are doing and being amazed by what they get out of their cameras. I can’t afford to do the course I want to do that should help me better understand that one thing I may be missing that keeps me from living and doing what I want to do.

I feel into web development many, many, many years ago. I’ve been doing it for fifteen years now and to be completely honest I’m growing tired of it.

I’m not tired of the technology and I’m not really tired of doing it, I’m tired of spending my time being told by so many other people HOW I should do it. I’m tired of external consultants offering their services and advising companies that the way their developers are doing the job is in some way wrong when it’s not, it’s perfectly right. I’m tired of not being able to do my own thing and watching it grow and flourish.

Photography is a creative outlet, a way to capture the world as you see it. And while I know that I’ll still face the challenge of having to do things that other people tell me to, I’ll always be in charge of the image on film.

Unlike web development, in photography only one person gets to push the shutter release.

I see some of the stuff that we pay for at work, as far as photography goes, and I see how much we pay for it, and I know I can do it better.

I’ve never had any serious formal training in anything, I’m a serious JOAT, Jack Of All Trades, Master of None! I know a lot about a lot of things, but I don’t know everything about anything.

I know I’m ranting and raving and half of this probably doesn’t make sense, but I’m pressed for time and needed to get it out there.

There are things I have to do for myself, and I guess for now I’ll have to do them by myself… no sense complaining though, my lot is of my own making.


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