Flickr Find 0016

366 – 5 WTF!? from JBSurrey found on Flickr.

So anyway, had a couple of weeks off the Flickr Finds over Christmas… let’s get right back into it.

The above photo by JBSurrey is funny as… I love it. JB is new to Flickr and I’m pretty sure I first found a photo of his on the Tips From The Top Floor forum. He has taken up the better 365 day challenge, the one where you take a photo, any photo, every day for a year.

I’m thinking I should have done that one, as the 365 portraits are getting a little hard to keep going, but I will keep going.

Take a look through JBSurrey’s pics,  he presents well thought out, clean photos. I’m glad to have another 11 and a half months of photos to look forward to.

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