Enchanted… almost.

Enchanted by DisneyLast night we went with Nikki and Ben to Gold Class at Crown to see Enchanted.

A fun enough movie, Enchanted failed to really pull the viewer in. Some of the scenes were quite funny, some of them came off as just a little bit silly.

With a blend of drawing animation, computer animation and real-life action this movie is really a good step into the future of film.

The computer animated characters of animals were almost flawless, the human interaction with creatures which were obviously not there during filming was damn good.

Amy Adams and James Marsden to great jobs of playing fairytale characters come to life. Through their over acting, over happiness and their characters’ ability to find the good in every situation was heart warming.

The songs and music in the movie left no question in my mind as to the who was responsible. The phrasing was very much in line with what I have come to know from the “Wicked” soundtrack, I spotted Stephen Schwartz a mile away.

For this movie he has teamed up with Alan Menken who’s work you may recall from other Disney classics such as Aladdin.

Overall Enchanted was a nice movie, it wasn’t anything to rave too much about… but it was fun.

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