Blood Diamonds: A Rediculous Notion

I read a story today in The Age online titled “Lure of  bloodstained gems hits home“; I have two problems with this headline and the story.

First of all, I would hope if people knew the diamond they were about to buy was a “blood diamond” they wouldn’t buy it, though I confess that some unscrupulous people probably would.

Secondly the notion that a diamond has any value is ludicrous. How many times has it been reported that diamonds as a gemstone are actually quite common, and that their value is kept inflated buy controlled release to the market. If the stockpiles of diamonds were released and the market flooded there would also be no “Blood Diamonds”. They would hold no value and would therefore be unable to fund the wars reports say they currently fund.

I get so irate when profit is put before people. When people’s lives are considered expendable so someone else, who lives in ignorance, can have a fancy stone on their finger it makes me even more angry.

I understand that some small African countries’ economies depend on the legal export of diamonds, but they are false economies.

Here’s me, praying (to the gods I don’t believe in, cause if they were shit like this wouldn’t be happening) that an end will come to greed and that people who value their possessions learn to value life, just a little more.

Wake up from your ignorance and see where the things you consume come from.

Blood Diamond

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