Welcome to 2008

Been a busy week and a bit here in Sydney, with a whole lot of doing not much at all.

Spent a lot of time with family, first Christmas for me with my entire immediate family together in quite a few years.

Went shopping with my Nephew Alek where he introduced me to “Smiggle” stationery… something I wish I didn’t know anything about.

Played Lego (Alek got heaps for Christmas) and also played some Blokus.

Agreed to take our cat Perry back with us to Melbourne. My sister has been looking after him for the past three years. Now not sure what to do about the rabbits!

Visited Jody and the family was there one day and saw a whole bunch of dirt dumped at the back of their property. Came back the next day and discovered the bike track that had been created from it. Didn’t bother with having a go though, no point getting a taste for something I’m not allowed to eat.

Took plenty of photos of the action, you can see it on my flickr.

Watched as Jody tried on her new roller skates and promptly went flying through the air. It was that moment and one other (when Jacob nearly flipped his bike) that I realised I like the thrill of “getting the moment” in photography. Sure on both occaissions I had serious concern for my loved ones, but I really did want t0 get the shot.

Got to catch up with my friend Andrew, his partner John and Drew’s Mum, Sheila. It was a great opportunity to have a natter.

Spent the last couple of days at Sharon and Peter’s chillin’, visiting the beach and preparing for the drive back to Melbourne.

Have decided I won’t make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, but will, in the next few days, make a list of goals for 2008 and beyond. I worry at times that I am not doing enough with my life, and as we only get the one, I want to give it a little bit more.

So for all I hope 2007 was a great year and that 2008 will be even better.

Only two hours to go… might be time for bed :P


  1. He still responds to Perry and Pez and Pezza and Meow’m.

    He’s been doing a lot of meowing and at the start we were afraid that due to his out-door ways he might not remember how to use a litter tray. He only went number 2s for the first time last night!

    So he now has free reign of the house and seems at times to still be looking around for something else.

  2. He uses the cat litter.. usually when you JUST change it and it’s clean and smell free. He does like the bark of the neighbours garden though :o)

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