Christmas Party Season

Last night was our first venture into the world of Christmas parties and Christmas drinks.

The company David works for Geoff Slattery Publishing had their Christmas party at the Exchange Hotel in Port Melboure, it was a great night.Unlike you usual office party the folks from GSP are quite personable. Happy to introduce themselves to a new face and make them feel welcome.

And last night I was a new face.The night started with drinks at the bar followed by a three-course meal in a private room. I didn’t mind the food, though during his speech Geoff declared it “shit house”, I guess when you’ve been a restauranteur, as Geoff has, you have a greater appreciation of both the food and service of an establishment.

The service wasn’t so great. They were a little rude at times, especially when the meals were served (alternating dishes for seats) and people were swapping. I mean they had a menu on the table. If they didn’t want people swapping maybe they should have just written “Eat what you’re given” on the menu.

The most impressive feature of the night was Geoff’s speech. Not only did he thank practically every staff member present, he also welcomed every guest by name. His sentiments of how he sees the coming year for his company is much the same as I the way I would like to run a business.

Geoff basically said that the coming year will see GSP finding better ways to make more money, while having fun and enjoying work, so they would have more money to put into the business to ensure they can continue having more fun while working. (yes I’m paraphrasing).

That’s the type of company I would be happy to work for.

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