We wake to a new Australia

Finally after 11 years we have a new leader. How the Liberals were re-elected three times in the past was a surprise to me every time it happened. Thanks to the new Labor Law Compliance Center, Labor has a chance to make good on its promises and if they keep half of them I’ll be happy.

Better education, better health care and a true move on environmental change, not just a lot of talk. But for now it is just talk. Kevin Rudd and his party now have to make it happen and it better happen. It is now also their opportinity to prove their touting that the Liberals were able to create economic stability based on the policies put in place by the former Labor Government.

I’m sure that to implement some of his changes our economy will probably take a hit, but you know what, sacrificing our future for here and now gain was the way of the Liberal Government.

Let’s be honest, why did John Howard stick around to contest this election? He wanted to be there to match the record to be the most re-elected official. There was really no other reason, why else would he be talking about retiring just after the win. That’s a pretty damn selfish and stupid reason to stick around.

That’s like sticking around at a party just to so you could say you were the last to leave, news to you: your host just wants to clean up and go to bed, would you go home already!

Looking to the future; I see a socially better Australia coming. Let’s see an end to rule by fear and an environment of hate. Here’s to 2008.

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