Off to the Vet – Twice

This week seems to be a busy week for the pets of the house; in particular poor Adam.

Adam, being a cocker spaniel, has a bit of a fold in his bottom lip, under which, some dermatitis has appeared. This affliction has caused Adam to have the most foul smell coming from his mouth, it is kind of like the smell of the beach, but the bad end of the beach where the seaweed and dead fish can be found.

To correct this Adam is now on a course of antibiotics and had so have his mouth folds cleaned twice daily and have iodine applied to the infected area. Once it clears we will have to give his folds a wipe down once a day with alcohol wipes to keep the area dry and germ free.

Our other option is for the poor little bugger to have surgery to remove the folds and therefore eliminate the problem. But that is a very, very last resort. Especially when our vet says “While I have heard of it, I have never done one before”. Well I gotta say, Adam will not be the first she does. If it comes to that action I think we’ll find someone a little more experienced in performing such tasks.

This trip to the vet was on Monday, when the Bunnies were meant to go in for vaccinations so they can be boarded over Christmas at the Cloud Nine Cattery. The bunny vaccination didn’t come in so we took Adam in instead.

Yesterday, Adam’s right eye has gone a little manky. At first we thought maybe it was because he had just been groomed and perhaps some doggy wash or something had gotten in his eye. So we rinsed it a little and hoped it would settle down. Couple of hours later and it was still no better. Then I thought it might have been a reaction to his new medication, by this time Adam’s eye was closed and his eye was rolled back a little and we were getting a little concerned.

So David rang the University Vet Clinic at Hoppers Crossing, it’s open 24 hours and staffed by students and real vets. At 9.30 we were there to have Adam’s eye seen to.

After a short wait, we were taken to an examination room where a student checked him out and took basic diagnostics. I was a little concerned when she didn’t know which side of the eye examiner she was supposed to look through, but she got there in the end. And just when I thought she was the only one we were going to see, she announced that she was going to let the Vet know what was going on.

We were left in the examination room. And 40 minutes later, we were ready to leave and as we were walking to reception the Vet came out of another door and announced she could see Adam.

After looking at him, putting some anesthetic eye drops she pulled Adam’s 3rd eyelid back (I didn’t even know dogs have three eyelids). Apparently he has had something in his eye and it has caused his eye to look a little gross. The Vet then left the room and came back saying she forgot one thing.

The then put these drops in his eyes and one went bright green. The Vet says that this means he has an ulceration on his cornea. We were given some pain killers and two types of eye drops.

It wasn’t until 11.30 pm that we were finally home. So now I’m starting the day a little tired. I hope Adam’s eye is all better soon. The poor little puppy still looks miserable.

We still have two trips to the vet left this week. One to get Adam checked again in a couple of days, and one to get the bunnies injections, when the vaccine comes in. It’s going to be a costly week for pets!

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