Blackout – Britney Spears (2007)

Britney Spears - BlackoutBritney’s back baby.

You may think Britney is done and dusted. Her recent trips to court for custody of her children and her inability to present herself for a court-ordered drug test and her recent showing on the MTV Music Awards certainly are leaning towards a decline. However, Britney has produced an album that has been hailed by critics as possibly the best of her career.

It’s funky, it’s groovy, but it is also a little forced and quirky at times, I don’t mind turning it on.

Like all albums Blackout has songs you could listen to again and again and songs that have you reaching for the skip button.

The first single “Gimme More” was reportedly offered to Kylie Minogue before Britters took it on and made an outstanding come back. She’ll follow this up with any number of great tracks such as “Hot Like Ice”, “Radar” or “Break the Ice”.

While it’s cool and catchy I hope that she doesn’t release “Pieces of Me” as a single. Like Michael Jackson she has decided to complain about the way the media treats her in a song.

It’s a great song and the sentiments within are valid. She deserves a little more respect than the media gives her. Britney has put out some great music, keeping us all entertained and the people who read the trash mags that are hanging out to get a crotch shot are morons.

Obviously Britney’s label didn’t think she was going to do too much this time around. They have released the album for a mere $13.00, they should have stuck by her… she deserves it.

Get Blackout, its a great album.


  1. Thanks Roberta,

    It’s an interim layout, till I finally get my but into gear and finish off my own.

    Given that I have a few too many things on right now, it could be some time :(

    Give Britney a go… she can be great. And the great thing is with iTunes Store (and other music download sites) you can create your own mix with just the best stuff.

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