Back from the Dead… just

I’ve been sick for about a week now and way over it.

My throat is still hurting at times but at least I can breathe again without feeling like my chest is ready to cave it.

I’ve been treated pretty crapily by work over this past week. It appears they are far more concerned with the work they are missing out on than the actual state of my health.

Someone there has also given out my personal number to people at work who shouldn’t have it, and those people have phoned to find out how work is going while I’m “working from home”.

I wasn’t working from home… I was sick! And not just sick… very sick.

So anyway after a total of 8 days off, I’m still not completely better but in a way am looking forward to getting out of the house.

Plus looks like the other place I applied for a while back, and turned down to stay for more money, might still be looking. If they offer (and pay me a little better than they last offered) I’ll jump at it and leave the hassles of my current employer behind.

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