365 Day 1

Me: day one 365 day project

Finally I’ve started the 365 project over at Flickr. Basically it means you take a self-portrait once a day for an entire year.

I’ve avoided this type of thing in the past for one simple reason. I hate having my photo taken. Even when it’s by me, especially when it’s by me.

But that’s also the reason why I’ve decided to do it.  And don’t worry I won’t flood my blog with photos of myself everyday.

Why do I hate having my photo taken, well if I tell you you’re not allowed to think I’m crazy. In fact the only reason I feel I can say is because I’m pretty sure a lot of people suffer the same afliction.

Basically what I see in the mirror isn’t what I want to see so my mind does some mental gymnastics and suddenly I have a different view of myself. But now it’s time to let reality reign my imagination in a little.

So it has begun, only 364 more days to go. Lets hope we see some better photos along the way :P


  1. try taking the pictures and flipping them mirror style…
    i know photographers who back in the film days printed portraits of women like that.
    because it was more like what they see in the mirror…

    looking forward to the pics, and looking forward to u updating you profile pictures!! ha!

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