Too Excited for Words

Leopard Coming 26th October 2007But I’ll have a crack… OMG Leopard is only 9 days away and I couldn’t be more excited… but the sadness is. I won’t be around to get my hands on it until the Sunday afternoon.

I see a complete reformat and reinstall happening. At which point I will probably partition my drive and put WinXP professional on my Mac too. That way I can get rid of the dodgy PC they gave me at work. Sweet.

300+ features are being announced for Leopard and none of them are secret which is unusual. You can see them all on the Leopard page at apple.

If they aren’t holding anything back, one is left to wonder what will Steve’s “one more thing” be? A new MacBook seems to be the biggest rumor. Or perhaps a tablet based ultra-portable with a complete tactile interface like the iPhone and iPod touch. Probably not the latter given that these days manufacturing doesn’t seem to stay much of a secret and we would probably have heard already if such devices were being produced.

Looking at my dock at the moment, Stacks would have to be one of the most important updates for me. Closely followed by Automators new record tool, which kind of sounds like recording an action in Photoshop.

And to give props, it seems that a few things are coming over from Windows, such as the path bar and the “New Sidebar”.

But things like Desktop sharing and iChat theatre and Quick Look are just amazing. If my family members don’t buy Macs with their next upgrade I just may have to disown them.

I mean Tethered camera support, to control your camera direct from you mac.

And network Scanning. In a house with multiple computers two of which are laptops, that is going to be a joy.

You just have to go check out Leopard, see if your not as excited as me!

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