Sadness Descends as we Journey to the Dark Side

Well what can I say. Part of my new role involves learning .NET and other Windows based technologies. Damn these companies that can’t support open-source technology.

What it means for me is that I will no longer be using my MacBook Pro for work. Instead I have a new Dell Inspiron Laptop and I’m not overly thrilled.

Let’s start with the fact I picked it up to move it to another place on my desk earlier today and it went into shutdown and restart mode. I was halfway through importing a whole bunch of photos into Adobe Lightroom!

Add to that the fact that everything in the damn task bar (the bit over to the right) seems to be animated and flash. It flashes when it is sending stuff via Wi-Fi, it flashes when I use the trackpad to show me that I am using the trackpad (um der). And while it has a Wireless Network thing that flashes, it also has another Wireless Network thing that tells me it has found another Wireless Network and would I like to join it, Ummm I’m on a wireless network now, why would I want to join another?

It might seem like it from my ranting but this is not my first step into the world of the PC. I grew up on PC and only used Macs at school and then at Optus where I worked for 6 years. I hated the Mac with a passion. OS 7 was the biggest load of crap I had to use. At home it was PC all the way. Wasn’t going to have a Mac if you paid me.

Then came OS X and I became a little excited about it. Then came the iMac and I became a lot more excited about it. But it wasn’t until I got my first PowerBook that I was really hooked.

Everything about the Mac is easy, clean and dependable. For God sake the PC is sitting over the other side of my desk telling me it is having “Connection Problems” but it’s not, it’s connected just fine with 100% signal strength and downloading updates!!!

Oi! Please tell me it’s not always going to be like this.

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