Never Look into the Eyes of the Departed

The scars remain; the pain comes as I sleep…

I looked into the eyes… I know, you said, “never look into the eyes of the departed”.

But I had to.

For many centuries I have done as I have been instructed; been a slave to this world, bringing to task those you deem no longer worthy to walk with the living… I grow weary.

So just this once, in that last moment, before his final fetid breath escaped his lungs, I looked deep in his fading eyes.

Did you fear I would see innocence in his eyes? Then worry not for I saw none… I saw only that which is left when my work is complete… the empty shell. All that remains after the soul has been released to your keeping.

I crave something more. I want to feel remorse for all that I have done and all that I will do. I want my life and actions to be justified.

Those of yours who walk the Earth spend so much time searching for a reason for their existence. They will never know of the chosen few. We who have watched their forefathers grow old, and we who will be around to see their great grandchildren pass into the beyond.

May they not leave by my hand.

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