Morning at the Gym

Awake at 5 am again today, but we were a little too eager for the gym. It seems that the security system doesn’t allow entry to the gym before 5.30 am so we had to wait for 5 minutes before we could get in.

We went four days last week; Monday – Thursday. This week I think we’re aiming for all 5 week days.

This morning I was on the elliptical machine for about 20 minutes and did 3 kms at between 65-70 RPM on level 10. That’s up from nearly dying at 15 minutes on level 8 doing about 55RPM from last week.

My iPod Touch didn’t go to the gym with me this morning. He’s still a little too new to be put through the rigors of gym work and sweating all over him. Besides I have three other functioning iPods, makes no sense to put Touchy in harm’s way.

So that’s it for this morning’s update, I’ve lost 3 kg from last Monday so I suppose I should be happy with that, actually I AM happy with that. I have a long way to go though but gotta stay motivated.

Couple of tricks I’ve learnt (which is the correct spelling, stupid US dictionary).

When I’m on the machines I find that I watch the time, and that puts me off, thinking “OMG I still have 10 minutes to go” etc. So to avoid this, I lock the display on calories burnt. I also play upbeat music so I can keep in time with it and maintain the 65 – 70 RPM and the longer the song the better, you can get lost in a great remix of “The ballad of Cleo and Joe” by Cyndi Lauper and forget how long you’ve been going. Another trick is the repeat the same song I did this on Thursday and it seemed to work, but who knows if it would get old fast.

Oh and of course my ultimate tip, and the reason I don’t like to go to a full gym. I do a Britney to the music. No not get dressed in skimpy clothes and nearly trip over. I lip sync and pretend there is an audience watching :P Takes me back to my days of dancing when no matter how buggered you feel, no matter how much you’re sweating and feeling like you want to just fall over and die, you keep smiling and performing. Save the collapsing in a heap for later.

So there you go, a personal and potentially embarrassing share.

On another note, where have all the bloggers gone? I miss stopping by my favourites each day and getting the 411 on what is happening in their lives. Perhaps they are having too much fun to spend the time it takes in front of a computer to tell us all about it.

I know a few have given up traditional blogging permanently, preferring the micro-blogging of Twitter, Pownce and the like; using Flickr and related services to keep us updated with their photostreams. Well I just gotta say I miss reading.

If you want to follow my feeds on the above sites, I’m Tyroga (as I am pretty much everywhere). Off to work, y’all have a great day!


  1. Wahoo! Keep on singing to the music.. I havent been to the gym for a few weeks but i often found myself laughing at the shows that were on then turned around thinking… did anyone else see me?

    Question.. you had a weight counter thingy a few weeks/mths back.. how do get one…. I’m starting the Tony Ferguson thing again (probably for the tenth time) I’m trying to fight against the hormones :o)

  2. The weight thingy is just a database that I build, have been meaning to build a web interface for it so others can use. Guess I better do it sooner rather than later so you can use it too.

  3. Hi, I hate you and your friend Craig for being so gym-motivated.

    Have you seen the reportage on my friend’s wedding? Summer is gone, I’m having less fun than usual, I’ll be back to the real blog.

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