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Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts - The first Single from upcoming album XIt’s true, Kylie Minogue is on her way back to our ears and having heard the first single (and seen the clip) I couldn’t be happier.

As is becoming typical of Ms Minogue she’s jumping in a slightly different direction from her previous album. The new single has been aptly compared to something from Goldfrapp and I tend to agree.

It sounds awesome. I can’t wait for “X” her new album, which will probably hit the shelves some time in early December.

On thing I am a might miffed about… the iTunes Store in the UK already has the video for the single “2 Hearts” available for purchase and download, while we in Kylie’s home country are left wanting, or searching Bit Torrent for the video.

If the video was on the Australian iTunes store today, I would have paid my $3.69 and it would already be in my iTunes library. Having found it by alternative means there is no saying that I won’t be bored of the clip by the time it reaches our store and I can’t guarantee I’ll shell out the money when it becomes available.

When will they learn that the Internet has made the world a whole lot smaller? That they shouldn’t be sticking to the out-dated idea of regions for delivery. If it’s available on one Music store it should be available on ALL of them at once.

Catch up record companies, or get left behind. I want my Kylie and I want it now. I don’t want it a week after my UK cousins have had it… I demand it at the same time.

Oh and don’t bother searching for the lyrics, practically every lyric site has the lyrics for “Two of Hearts” the 80’s track by Stacey Q listed as Kylie Minogue. Funny thing is they all have the “of” removed! Obviously a grab to get the Google ad impressions. Damn them and their enterprising ways!

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