Humans the Great Polluters

Here it is Monday, October 15, 2007 the blog action day where bloggers are encouraged to blog about environmental issues in the hope that it will take over the blog world and get some people to think.

I had this giant rant written, berating you humans for all that you have done to your world, but then I thought hang on, it’s not YOUR world. It belongs to all of the gods’ creatures.

For the, supposedly, most intelligent beast who walks the Earth you’ve not done a very good job of protecting yourself from your worst enemy… you.

You think that the wars for oil are just about petroleum for cars, you don’t think about all the other items that are made from petrochemical-based plastics and by-products of the refinement process.

The screen your reading now, the cables that make it all go, the pen you use to write notes, parts of your car, the chair you’re sitting on, they all use plastic. All non-biodegradable matter that will for the most part end up in landfill.

You have factories churning out garbage that just hasn’t been thrown out yet. Do you really need a bobble-head Bart Simpson? And don’t think that just because a majority of these factories are in “developing” countries that their pollutants are not your problem.

It will eventually kill you if you don’t stop it.

Environmental protection is  a global issue and everyone must act to try and make up for the huge amount of damage that has been done.

So next time you reach for that cute nick-knack ask yourself, do I need this? Will I use this item for a long time? Does it actually serve a purpose?

I look at my niece and nephews, every Christmas they get huge amounts of plastic toys… huge amounts. Most of which are out of favour only a short time after Christmas day, some even earlier. They end up in the dumpster of the Junk Removal Service and in landfill where they just won’t go away.

I make a pledge that I will think more about the items I buy for me and mine. Sure we may eventually be depriving some industries an income, but at least their staff and their successive generations will have a planet on which to live.


  1. ROFL… I’m not going CRAZY. Of course I’ll buy an iPhone even if GreenPeace are stying that it’s the most un-environmentally friendly phone on the market!

    It’s Apple… I will have it!

  2. hahaha as the king of nick knacks you are funny! I know what you mean about the christmas presents! I think I could have bought a house with the amount of money spent on christmas presents that have been forgotten not long after christmas. I do agree on using plastic for lego though! Al has joined the website where you can actually design and order your own lego.

  3. We looked at the Design your Lego site at work, we thought it would be cool to offer people a lego version of their house :P

    It never really took off though. I miss my Lego.

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