Flickr Find 0010

I’ve kind of decided to do these Flickr Finds every Friday, that way they can be Friday Flickr Finds :P It also give me some more stability to my blogging and makes sure I actually have a way of marking pics I like, rather than just making them favourites.

Today’s photo comes from the Flickr User Jools! a guy from right here in Melbourne and one who takes some great photos, just like the one above. You can’t get more iconicly Victorian than a VB bottle.

Oh, he’s also a digital hold-out, preferring to shoot on Film (transparency film). It’s a costly choice but one that still gives fantastic results and amazing colour.

Another recent photo from Jools! worth mention is his great shot of the Sky Wheel, titled “Your Hand in Mind“, which is currently operating on Birrarung Marr.

Check out this and other great photos on Flickr.

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