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The Jigg is Up – I’m in Coffs Harbour

By now it will be apparent to my Dad, if he read my earlier post, that I was lying. Right about now we’re probably partway through a ginormous BBQ dinner and getting into some fine liquor.

Glad we could pop-up and be with you. Shame David couldn’t come too, but he really doesn’t have much leave as he started his new job recently and will need some time for November when his folks come down and December for Christmas.

As I promised Craig, if I make it to the Big Banana (to which I’ve been a zillion times already), I’ll grab a postcard.

Here’s hoping it’s a sunny day (though I think Coffs is supposed to get rain).

It’s been a while since I’ve been back there so it should be fun. I’m here with my sister, Jennifer and my nephew Alek. We met up in Sydney and flew the rest of the way together.

And if my tenses seem a little muddled it’s because I wrote this Wednesday night before I left. Not being sure if Dad even has the Internet.

Family & Friends

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday, he’s turning the big 60 and it would be great to spend the day with him, but I live in Melbourne, he lives in Coffs Harbour on the NSW Mid-North Coast.

I know my brother is up there so it’s all good. Unfortunately his birthday comes at a bad time. With David’s parents coming down in November and it being so close to Christmas where I have to take a mandatory two weeks off, I have to leave to visit for Dad’s birthday.

I’m sure he understands and is having a great day anyway. I’ve little doubt there will be some mid-afternoon drinking, followed by a BBQ, followed by some more drinking. Good thing he’s retired.

So anyway Dad, hope it’s a great one and you have a fabulous time.