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Looks like I may not be changing jobs after all. Just into the third week of my resignation period, still no paperwork from the new company.

Today we’re supposed to interview a potential replacement but looking at his resume I was thinking he has a lot to say about what he knows, but not much about what he has done. The IT manager came to see me to see what my first thoughts were from reading the resume… I was thinking “not much”. The IT manager says… “I wish you didn’t have to go… what if we give you what you’ve asked for?”. Knowing that it’s a huge chunk of change I say “I’ll seriously consider it, but lets see how this interview goes first”.

Then the interview time comes around and the applicant’s a no-show. What tha? Who does that. Apparently the HR Manager spoke with him yesterday and he was in South Australia but confirmed he would be back for the interview. I hope everything is okay with him and nothing happened on his way back.

The IT Manager then offered to take me for coffee, which I don’t drink. But we then further discussed the nature of my work, should I choose to stay. He then went off to confirm with the owner of the company that he would be happy to the pay increase they have offered.

I was talking with the HR Manager about who they should get for my role when the owner of the company came into the room and shook my hand saying “Welcome back”. Guess he said yes to the IT Manager.

So pending a call to the other company and advising them that I won’t be joining them, which is a call I don’t really want to make, I’ll be staying where I am.

Had the other company given me paperwork the day they offered me the job, and I signed them I would never have even entertained a counter offer, in fact I expected to sign them a few days after accepting verbally and DID decline a counter-offer. But three weeks in and still no paperwork so I’d be mad to not listen to what the company I know wanted to offer.

So in short, I’ll now be back on the money I was getting in Sydney, have a little more say in the direction I take and get to stay with people I like to work with.

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