It’s Hairspray!

Hairspray the musicalIt was an awesome non-musical movie in 1988 when John Waters first penned it, it was a fantastic Musical (for which I have the soundtrack but have not yet seen) and now it is an even more amazing musical movie(2007) with a whole cavalcade of stars and a couple of very good new comers.

Even after all the rave reviews, I was still a little hesitant about the casting of John Travolta to the role of Edna Turnblad but I must admit he did a great job. I feel that Nikki Blonsky was a little ripped-off being so far down on the billing, this girl was made to play Tracey Turnblad and was the standout performance of the movie.

While I’m raving about the actors; you have to see Amanda Bynes in this flick, especially at the end… this girl, who has always played tom-boyish roles looks stunning in this film.

For me everyone was perfectly cast in Hairspray, part of me still thinks that Harvey Fierstein should have been given the opportunity to take his broadway performance to screen… but I suppose he doesn’t really have the “star power” that John Travolta does and as I’ve already said John Travolta did a great job.

To be honest I’ve been hanging out for this movie, a little clichéd that the gays like the musicals but I was tapping my feet, signing along and smiling throughout the whole movie. I’ll gladly see it again, and again, and again.

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