Go the Mighty Cats

Geelong Football ClubIn what may be a scary thing for my friends and family, I think I finally understand the rush of supporting a team and to be honest I’ve only just started!

I watched the full Geelong vs Collingwood game on Friday night and was on the edge of my seat by the end of it! I twittered updates all through the game and was sending iChat messages to David (who was upstairs on the computer) throughout.

When Collingwood got possession of the ball in the last few minutes and could have pipped Geelong at the post with just one goal I was almost yelling at the TV. But Geelong pulled through to win 92 to 87 and has secured their place in the Grand Final.

I don’t get the game 100% yet, I’ve lived in Melbourne for almost three years and still haven’t attended a live game. That will change next season.

David will say I’m a fair weather friend, because I was talking about switching allegiances last year to St Kilda, but that was for all the wrong reasons (they had better eye-candy). But I stayed with Geelong in the end and now they are going to be Grand Final winners in 2007.

All they have to do is beat Port Adelaide this coming Saturday and I’ll be cheering for sure.

One thing I thought was funny during the game on Friday is the commentators. I swear every time a team scored a goal it was “all over” for the other team. Those guys flip-flop more than a freshly caught fish in a dingy.

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