CAMP the movieI had to check to see if I’d written about this movie before given that it was released back in 2003. I’m sitting at home alone, David is out with people from work and I was looking through our 300+ movie collection and came up with this one, cause I love it.

CAMP is a “Comedy about drama”… and a damn good one at that. It’s also a bit of a tribute to Stephen Sondheim (one of musical theatre’s greatest composers) who even makes a cameo!

CAMP is a movie set in at a musical summer camp; “Camp Ovation”, and follows a group of teens as they make their way through their summer experience.

Vlad, a first-timer at the camp, is the only straight boy in the cast and while the boys ogle him, the girls compete for his affection.

It’s a heart-warming film and while it’s not always about the laughs even the serious moments are great.

The shame of this movie is its low level release and the fact that the cast, some of whom are amazing, haven’t gone on to do much since.

Couple of things to look out for:

  • the Sport Counselor who introduces himself to a boy on the bus and the boy (an obvious veteran of the camp) questions: “We have a sports counselor?”
  • Watch Tiffany Taylor and her beautiful rendition of “Here’s Where I Stand”.
  • And also keep an eye on Fritzi and see what a girl who is pushed too far can do with a little bleach.

To see CAMP now you’ll probably have to hunt for it at your local video store, borrow it from me or buy it online. Hey I just found the soundtrack on the iTunes store… bonus.

If you liked “But I’m a Cheerleader“, you’ll love CAMP.

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