Best Ever Photographic Compliment

Well maybe second best… best ever online.

The picture here of some sheep in a local field was a shot we came back for after a spot of shopping. Usually I would end up forgetting about a place I wanted to see or feel that it is too out of the way to return to and would never get the pictures that I was after.

But last weekend we did return and David was kind enough to let me potter around while I took some snaps of the local sheep. I took quite a few, but this one was the keeper. And now it has a nice comment attached to its Flickr entry.

A user named Shutterhack wrote:

You have correctly selected, arranged, organized and combined the visual elements within the picture area to produce very harmonious and pleasing photograph. With those foundations you have got a good composition for this photo.

Which I think was a very nice thing to say, the photo could have some better colour, but then it was just after midday so the light is a little bland at that time anyway.

And how could such a nice comment be the second best compliment? Well I remember the day that I went to Ben and Nikki’s house and there on their wall was an A3 print of a photo I had taken of Ben during a performance… that was an awesome moment for me.

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