24 Hours With the iPod Touch

Quick wrap up of my first 24 hours on the iPod Touch. A blog post typed on the Touch.

First let me say, as most will know, I’m very biased, having used an iPod since the very first generation was released.

How far they have come! My first iPod was a 5 GB hard disk enclosed in a revolutionary design. Topped off with a user interface that was so easy to use there was nothing like it available. You can now get the disk drive version with a huge 160 GB capacity. More space than any ordinary human will need for their whole music & movie collection.

I’m currently typing on a 16 GB solid-state touch-screen iPod Touch that has more bells and whistles than one could ever expect.
I have been hanging for this iteration of the iPod for the last two years. I knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time.

I know I’m gushing but it really is better than I expected. A fantastic iPod, with a great menu system and includes the fantastic CoverFlow view for your albums. I have over 2,700 songs on “Touchy” as it has been named, and the ability to flick through the scrolling view at variable speed based on how hard you flick makes it so easy to find what you’re looking for!

Contacts are synced from your computer and can be edited and added to on the iPod. Your calendar is also there, but for some reason Apple have not allowed you to add or modify these. A decision which has caused many a user to be somewhat unhappy. Honestly when you see everything else it can do you know there is no technological reason for them doing this.

There is also an almost fully-functioning version of the Safari browser. It doesn’t support Flash, which given it’s pervasiveness on the web is a little lacking. But other than that it’s a great browser.

Youtube is also present, which while cool, seems like an odd thing for apple to do given they are in the business of selling content, why are they giving the stuff away. Talking about selling content… A Wi-Fi version of the iTunes Store is literally at your fingertips to purchase your favourite tunes straight to the unit. I’ve used it already and it’s incredibly easy.

On I almost forgot the photos application, like Safari it used the on screen pinch to zoom in and out on your photos. You can even set your own photos to be your wallpaper.

For those who like to crunch the numbers Apple has even included a handy-dandy calculator to keep you entertained.

Things this unit is missing, other than the ability to add calendar entries, is any mapping, but given the iPhone uses the cell towers to find you it’s no surprise. Having said that, GoogleMaps or your other favourite mapping site is just a short click away in Safari. Now all we need is more public Wi-Fi here in Australia.

I love my new iPod so much and welcome it whole heartedly into the family of iPods that David and I have gathered, now at a count of nine. We really should get some shares in Apple!

If you get a chance to play with an iPod Touch I’m sure you love it to. Enough gushing, time to get back to playing with Touchy.

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