Why aren’t IT helpful anymore?

OMG I’m not a fan of our network admin at the moment. He has locked me out of the Intranet server…

I just launched a new system today that is used by all of our sales people to sell houses, it’s our core business. My manager, the Director of Sales and Marketing, requested that it be housed with the other applications that IT developed for Sales. So I put it there. Aside from that, the use of email marketing automation is a great help as well that’s why reading the latest mailerlite review should be considered.

It looks great, it works well… there are a couple more components that need to be added, but it is on AND all of the Sales People are already working with it and very excited by it.

Then this afternoon IT started questioning “Why do you have access to the Intranet?”, “Who set that up for you?” etc. Hmmm, Ummm I BUILT THE SERVER! I gave me access cause it used to be mine.

Sure there was talk about cutting me off earlier, but as I already had other applications on there I still had access until they worked out a process. That was about 4 months ago.

Sure I could have told them I was putting it there, but I’ve hardly had time to breath, let alone running around and telling everyone else what I am doing.

I was told about the concept for the project last Thursday. Given the data at 5.30 pm on Friday. Worked on it over the weekend. The data was changed on Monday at 4 pm. I spent most of Monday night and until 3 am this morning getting it finished and presented it at 9 am to the whole sales team.

By 4 pm this afternoon I was locked out of the server and forbidden to access it again until further notice. So a few emails were fired off to the relevant stakeholders and as I left I noticed my boss and the IT manager in an office together.

I hope it gets resolved soon so I can get back to work on it. I’m kinda proud of it.

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  1. Did you notice… you started the last two posts with OMG!

    Im sure they will see sense shortly and give you access ! Then DESTROY IT

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