The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have EyesHere’s lookin’ at you kid… The tagline for this movie reads “The Lucky Ones Die First”, perhaps it should have read, the lucky ones die before they see this!

Most write-ups will tell you this is the story of a family (the Carters) making their way across the New Mexico desert, celebrating the parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. But it’s not.

The movie is really about the children of a man, a man who lived in the New Mexico desert during some 331 atmosphic nuclear tests. These deformed and deranged cannibles live on the flesh of travelers.

It’s gore like you rarely see. There is one point where someone’s head meets a bullet from a shotgun, and it’s not a pretty sight.

It’s disturbing and alarming that humans have an ability to come up with stories like this.

I crave the good old days when scary movies were scary, where violence and blood was implied, where your mind was left to do the work. They were better than the gorefests we get these days.

Guess I’m not going to bother with the Hills Have Eyes 2.

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