Planet Earth – Prince

Planet Earth - PrincePrince, the pocket sized dynamo, has been busy putting together yet another impressive album and given that it’s just over a year since the release of 3121 I guess he’s not one for rest.

As you would expect, this album is awesome, a mix of the classic sounds we’ve come to know from Prince and a few new sounds thrown in to spice it up.

Standout tracks for me are: “Guitar” (first single) in which Prince denounces his love for a woman in favour of his guitar, “The One U Wanna C” an instant poppy hit to be and probably my favourite “Chelsea Rodgers” (second single) the story of a model, a song that sounds so much like the New Power Generation days you’ll recognise it as an instant classic.

“Planet Earth” the title track is a pleading for better treatment of Mother Earth, it’s a good song, sampling Barry Manilow’s “Could It Be Magic?”. Had this song been the main track for Live Earth I imagine it would have received a whole lot more airplay than the tripe “Hey You” from Madonna, I know I just picked on Madge :(, but that song is really, really bad.

One thing to note about this album, people in the UK didn’t have to buy it! It was given away free as a covermount on The Mail on Sunday on July 15th. I bought my copy from the iTunes store, but the hard release has an awesome cover that I’m almost tempted to spend again for.

Also regarding Chelsea Rodgers it appears the domain has been registered and its description visible in Google leads me to believe Price is about to enter the prefume market with a Chelsey Rodgers fragrance.

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