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It’s something new the networks seem to be doing “leaking” new season shows to the internet, guaging audience reaction and deciding from there whether or not to continue with the show.

So here are a couple that I know about and have checked out, if you’ve seen them, let me know what you think.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Summer Glau makes a comeback yet again. From Firefly (and movie Serenity) to the 4400 this girl is a great character actor. She is joined here by a young relative-newcomer Thomas Dekker, who left Heros to take this role. The titular character is played by Lena Headey.

If the show gets picked up and ever makes it to Australia (or BitTorrent) I’ll watch it.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles documents what happens after Terminator II: Judgement Day ends and before T3 commences. The apparent purpose of the remainder of Sarah’s life is to find who, after the death of Miles Dyson, goes on to create SkyNet.

This first episode is a blockbuster all on its own. And Summer’s character is the amazing and unexpected hero of the show.

While the continuity will no doubt be a little lacking, but then they kind of take care of that ;)



A comedy if you can believe it, imagine waking up on your 21st birthday only to find out that before you were born, your parents sold your soul to the Devil Seems pretty scary right. Then, you find out that the Devil wants you to be his bounty hunter on earth, capturing the evil souls that have escaped hell. That’s the basic premise behind Reaper.

It’s a funny enough show to pass the time, but most of the funny bits are shown in the preview on the CW website.



NBC’s new show is Chuck. Chuck is a worker for the Nerd Herd, computer helpers.

Upon receiving an email from his old college room mate Chuck is kind of transformed into a living computer.

There’s some action, adventure and a little bit of romance.

You’ll have to watch it to get it. Looks like it might be a cool show if it makes it to air.

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