Marcia is a little racist, do you think?

I’m watching Australian Idol, cause it’s a thing I do, and I’d noticing something that annoyed me last year seems to be back… no not Kyle, though I wish he’d shut up about the way people look sometimes, what I’m talkinga about is comments based on race coming from Marcia Hines.

So far tonight she has complained about the three guys on the panel, but advised to a contestant that she’ll sort it out “because all white people look the same” and when the heavily spray tanned and red suit wearing Jordan Paris proclaimed that he brings colour to the competition, Marcia said, “That’s my job!”.

C’mon if someone else had said those things Marcia probably would have taken offence.

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  1. I thought some of Marcias comments were a little off last year or whenever the last one was on…. too many of them! I think I’ll probably watch it more towards the end.. Some of the comments are funny but I dont get enjoyment out of seeing them shatter people.. Sure they have to put up with dodgy people all day but some of the comments are just not necessary.. I know its an act for tv but I’m one viewer that stops watching because of it.

  2. I hear ya, and I gotta say I agree, I hate when they build up a person before they audition and then they are crap. It sucks.

    And two other points they should consider, it’s not what we watch for AND it gives those nutters a stage, so they come back year after year.

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