Employees are not alone!

Our Government here in Australia is spending something like $40,000,000 trying to convince we the people that we are in a good place now with Australian Work Place Agreements.

One of the ads says something like “One of the biggest myths is that employees are unprotected and alone. That’s just not so, employees are not alone”.

Funny thing is the sematics of the statement. First of all it could read that employees are not protected. And it can also be read as true that Employees are not alone… they are all unprotected and basically stuffed.

So I guess that the statements are not false! They are just ambigious (and a little scary). Don’t you agree?

Find out more about the Australian Work Place Agreements at www.workplace.gov.au.

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  1. I guess the government is right in saying our current conditions cannot be changed. Whilst this appears to be correct, the problem occurs only if you want your conditons to change. So if you want the same wage, irrespective of cost of living changes or changes in your work role for the rest of your working life, you are protected.

    But what if you feel you deserve a pay rise or want to apply for a promotion or new job in your organisation. “By all means Mr Smith, but you will have to sign this AWA”. You are only protected provided you are happy with your current conditions, which you may be but what about in 10 or twenty years time?

    Also, what ahppens if you are applying for a job? You may have the power in a negotiation if you are highly experienced or have a unique skill but what if you are starting out and you are keen for a job? “By all means Mr Smith but you will have to sign this AWA”.

    The government claims there are more jobs now under the work place relations legislation but what conditions are all those jobs under? Not as good as the conditions as the jobs previously were I bet. And of course they get people to take the jobs. When you don’t have one, you are going to take anything aren’t you no matter the conditions.

    The government uses the Miners in Western Australia as an example of workers who don’t want AWAs abolished and why would they? They are employees with all the power. The mining companies can’t pull minerals out of the ground fast enough so of course they are paying workers huge money to do it. Whilst the minerals boom is the major source of governement income through comany taxes the actual employees preresent only a very miniscule proportion of all those working in Australia.

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