Black Snake Moan

Black Snake MoanBlack Snake Moan a crazy, strange movie starring Samuel L Jackson, Christina Ricci
and Jutin Timberlake.

This movie is about Rae, a young girl with an unusual habit. She has a fever or goes on heat and jumps on anything that comes her way. She comes into a bit of trouble when she upsets a guy and finds herself dumped near-dead at the side of the road out the front of Lazarus’ (Samuel L Jackson) home.

On seeing how Rae behaves, Lazarus takes it upon himself to “cure” this girl of her “fever”. Through the use of a heavy duty chain and some bible verses Lazarus  sets about to setting this girl right.

Justin Timberlake is Rae’s boyfriend who has head off to the war but returns when he is discharged because he suffers from anxiety attacks. He comes back looking for his girl…

It’s a wild ride and not one I’m sure I really get. But it is what it is. You may well enjoy it. I didn’t mind.

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