A Day of Action: Equal Love

After a brief sleep in (9.00) we woke and got ready to go into the city to participate in the Day of Action, a protest march in support of equal rights for same-sex relationships.

The march, now in its third year, begain in protest to the Howard Government’s action amending the marriage act to define marriage being between “A man and a woman”.

Something’s still very wrong with our poor country that the government that is supposed to be for the people continue to discriminate against the people.

This guy’s sign says “Marriage, not what I want but worth fighting for.” and is a quote from director John Waters. While I don’t agree with the “not what I want” part I love the nmber of people who seemed to be to support us as a people. I can’t wait for the day, which I know is coming, when David and I can get married.

First there was the march, then there was the talks, which went on for way too long and gave far too much time to the politicians. One person who spoke was an female Aboriginal Elder who welcomed everyone to her tribe. She said one thing that resonated with me more so than anything else that was said that day.

Basically (and I’m paraphrasing) she said, we send people off to war and congradulate and reward them when they kill another human, but if he loves another man and is commited to another man he is the subject of ridicule and discrimination. And something is very wrong with the world when war and death is encouraged but love is frowned upon.

We left a little early, as the procession of politicians came thick and fast and when one of them said how he was glad to be there today one insightful woman replied “We’re not glad to be here, we’d rather be at home in love.” Here here!

We ended the day with the lovely Sue Z at Brunetti’s where we indulged in too much of their lovely food.

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