Turistas… not a travel ad for Brazil

TuristasA movie in which a bunch of tourists get drugged and hacked apart in Brazil doesn’t make for very good tourism advertising for the country.

A Brazillian Doctor tired of tourists who come in and take advantage of his country has decided that some of the tourists should be giving something back… in the form of their organs. He steals them in the hope of providing them to needy patients in his country, claiming that Brazillian children are being harvested for wealthy Americans so turnaround is fair play it seems.

It’s a gross movie, a fair bit of blood… and stars Melissa George and Josh Duhamel, kind of has a happy ending, for some of them at least :P

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  1. I made sure I kept my eyes open, I always love when they do the “inside a human body” stuff… it’s disgusting :)

    And OMG how funny that you mentioned Bunny Cam today (well yesterday). I was looking for a new camera for it just yesterday and it should be back online in the next week or so.

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