Sudsy Saturday

Laundry at SpotswoodI hate washing clothes, just as much as David does. It’s a long drawn out process with our little 5 kg washing machine. It’s even worse because we only have a 4 kg dryer and no clothes line. But with the new washing accessories that I just bought it has made washing all the clothes a bit easier. Something David has wanted to do for a while is hit the Laundromat to get all of the washing out of the way in one go… call me a snob but I’m not liking laundromats. They are places where people communally wash their clothes, the lint in the dry is there from the previous person, there is no washing of the machines between washes… I actually kind of creeps me out to think of washing my jocks where others have washed theirs before me!

But then I thought about the wasted hours, where we have to sit at home, fill up the washing machine, move those to the dryer and repeat over and over again until it’s all done. I decided that my creepy feelings would rather spend more time out and about than waiting for a load of washing to be done so with much less hesitation we packed up the washing in the car and headed off.

As an aside we have only been driving one car for a while, the Laser’s brakes were making an awful sound and I was convinced that we would need new brakes and that they were going to cost us a small fortune so for a while David has been catching the train to work while I dropped him off at the station and continued on to work myself in the Fiesta. After the events of Friday night David really didn’t want to catch the train anymore so we dropped the Laser off at the repairer before heading on to the laundry.

Hoppers Crossing Coin Laundry was where we had originally thought we’d go, but upon our arrival found that all of the machines were in use and there were people waiting… so back into the car and a quick check on via the N95 found us another destination in Spotswood. People who know the lay of the land will know that this is actually not close to home, but not too far away either.

David WaitingWe arrived, took over four machines, filled ’em up, paid them via their coin slots and started the whole process of washing. While our clothes were doing what they do inside a machine we took a walk along the banks of the shops and found a nice little cafe that we’ll have to try out next weekend for breakfast, but other than that there’s not much down there so we returned to the Laundry and waited… and waited.

Out of the washing machine and into the dryer, paid a little more money… and waited.

All up were were probably there for no more than an hour. It was great and probably quite economical when you factor in the cost of our time :P

While we were at the laundry the car repairer rang David to advise that the only problem with the brakes was a build-up of brake dust and that they had cleaned them and they were right to go, the cost was only $88 for labour… sweet, and to think poor David has had to catch the train due to dust! Sorry Little One.


  1. hoppers laundry, huh? yeah that always seems busy whenever i walk by.

    p.s – you should have popped around for a cuppa. i’m only 10 minutes away from that place. :)

  2. Must be a lot of westies don’t have washers, or we all think alike and want to get it out of the way in one go.

    Oh you’re that local… crazy huh?

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