Pownce @ First Glance

Pownce ScreenshotPownce is a cool little web app. And thanks to Adobe’s AIR it also makes for a cool desktop app.

Huge thanks to djp72 for the invite.

Currently in ALPHA release Pownce is much like Twitter, a little like iChat and a little part event coordinator.

I love the colours, shallow I know, but it is one of the things that attracts me to Pownce over other like sites. Of course there is also the fact that I can send files (up to 100 MB) to a list of my friends (or public) and they don’t have to be online at the time I send them.

The only problems I’ve found at the moment are;

  • The AIR client constantly tells me it is having trouble receiving messages, would I like to let Pownce know?
  • There is no way to reply (so far as I can see) using the AIR desktop client.

Other than that I love it, looks good, works well. Friends have to request to be friends, not automatically added for me to block later.

The service is paid for by inline advertising (as seen in the screen shot) it’s not over the top and you will be able to pay to get larger files sizes and no advertising.

I’m also not sure how the name came about… it must be Web 3.0 to change the spelling of words with like sounding consonants instead of removing a vowel!
Now I just have to get more geek friends who will join me online. I just sent an invite to David (my partner) but am pretty sure he won’t use it much. Also invited Roberta cause I know she uses twitter quite often, she might like this one a little better.

I now have four invites left, let me know if you think you’ll use it… you’ll then have six invites too.

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