Mid-year function

The Marketing Team

Last night was the mid-year function for my company and with beer and wine free there may have been some over-indulgence by some, alright, by me.

I was lucky cause David drove Sara, Vedran and me in so I didn’t need to be the designated driver.

My lovely team mates were wanting to see me get drunk and I guess for the most part they saw just that, but I wasn’t wiped out, though sculling sparkling wine is never advisable it was the trick de jour.

I was also the photographer for the night and note that I have come home with one less memory card… I know who has the other one and I know WHY he has it. I’m pretty sure there are some nasty (no not that type of nasty) photos of me on it.

Being a photographer at one of these events is a huge waste of time these days. I mean EVERYONE has their camera with them, it’s probably better if everyone takes photos and they are collated in one place for all to view. I’m thinking this is what we will do this time round.

The other hassle of being “the photographer” is that I panic that the photos won’t turn out properly and of course I also want to have a good time.

It was a little dark and the camera I was using doesn’t have a focas assist beam so on occasion I had to manually focus… given my state I’m not sure they will be in focus at all.

Oh and for my team mates who read this, no hangover, no adverse feelings at all. The trick is always two neurophen and a litre of water before going to bed.

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