I like my music with a little more Bassey

Get the party started - Dame Shirley BasseyWhile some may say she never went away, Miss Shirley Bassey is back, with one distinct change… she ain’t no miss no more. Dame Shirley Bassey is filling up your ears with old classics like “Big Spender”, “Kiss Me Honey, Honey”, “Slave to the Rhythm” and a fantastic rendition of Pink’s “Get the Party Started” which incidently is the title of the new album from Dame Shirley Bassey.

Becoming a Dame in 1999 this is her first album to carry her official title.

Dame Shirley is the only artist to record more than one theme for a James Bond  movie and while I’m scratching my head to think of a song that most young people will know, I guess the bond themes for “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds are Forever” are the most memorable.

Now at 70 years of age (DOB: January 8, 1937) Dame Shirley is here to show that age is no barrier to continued success and by the sounds of it, she’s still having a great time.

I’m loving this album it’s a great new sound and a classic at the same time.

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