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Luxo Jr.

If you’re a fan of animated movies, as I am, you’ll LOVE the new installation at the Australian Centre of Moving Image (ACMI). It’s the “Pixar: Celebrating 20 Years of Animation” exhibition.

Federation Square in Melbourne has a new street light in the form of Luxo Jr. Here to announce that Pixar is about. The amazing 4 metre high lamp is on the sidewalk of one of Melbourne’s main roads and is a fully functioning light.

Inside there is a plethora of Pixar related material including coloured storyboards, clay models, video walls, drawings and two amazing displays of technology that will have you mesmerized. There is even some artwork and models from the as yet unreleased (in Australia) Ratatouille.

First there is the Toy Story Zoetrope which uses characters from Toy Story 2 and blends old-world technology with strobe lighting to create amazing animation. You see the device spin up to full speed, putting on the show before it spins down again so you can see all the different parts separately. If you’re not sure what a Zoetrope is, check out this Wikipedia Entry, you’ll have no doubt seen one before, but not one like the Toy Story version.

The second amazing installation is the Artscape, an 11 minute sight and sound extravaganza using original artwork from the Pixar blockbuster movies. Accompanied by 6.1 surround sound you’ll be immersed in each work of art before being moved on to the next one. Perhaps one of the most incredible things about this installation is the way it is projected. The display uses four 4 channel projectors, all controlled from a computer that keeps them synchronised. You be come so involved in the art you’ll be scared just like everyone else at one particular point, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing this fantastic display.

At a cost of $15.00 per person the price of admission is worth every cent. Get on down the ACMI today and see it.

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