Alright I Voted

OMG I can’t believe I bothered to vote in this year’s Big Brother. It’s down to the line and Alicia and Zach remain. I voted to save Zach. I’d like to see him win. He may be a walking stereotype of we the gays but he will be the first gay guy AND the first intruder to win. Bonus points he’s a fellow Melburnian!

Good luck Zach.

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  1. I really don’t get why you like Big Brother. Well, the Italian version is a bunch of illetterate, rude and naked people walking around the house. And, of course, they’re unable to complete the weekly task, that reminds me of the summer camp games I was forced to do when I was 8 or 9.

  2. I seriously haven’t watched more than a handful of episodes this season, and hope it will be the last season of Australian Big Brother. But hey if they start letting OUR big brother contestants walk around naked I may have to tune in again. Unfortunately our somewhat stringent broadcasting rules don’t allow for such things :(

  3. I think the lack of nakedness and adults only shows probably contributed to a huge downfall in ratings! Although I did watch most episodes, i still find it somewhat interesting how people in that situation cope but yes most were as boring a bat sh*t… then again others would probably say that about my life.. haha

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