YAY Twitter… I choose to block you!

Looks like Twitter has finally added a feature that I am very happy about. If you don’t know yet, Twitter is a web application that will let you let all your friends know what your up to, when your up to it!

You can add Tweets through their website, through third party applications (like Tweeter) or SMS from your mobile phone.

I’ve been avoiding it of late because there seems to be  a rush of people adding EVERYBODY as a “friend” and I don’t know these people.

Where there is an obvious connection I don’t so much mind. For instance a couple of people have added me because they are Melbournians, but others are just collecting names for their list in an attempt to receive a higher ranking. I’m not liking that and have asked again, and again for Twitter to make it so I can stop this happening. It’s a disservice for their site to allow people to do this AND probably adds to the server load and therefore potentially to the amount of downtime it has (which has been another small problem).

But finally one problem is solved, I can now go into my followers and block the people I don’t want listing me as friends anymore. Rejoice now!

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