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Small PoliticianA Prime Minster (or President) is a figurehead. He is nothing more, he is nothing less. His personal opinion counts for nothing more than mine, or yours; or so it should be.

You see, we have fallen into a trap that we have to think of a way to claw our selves out of. We have given a booming voice to a single individual who, for all intent and purpose, should be acting for us. And it’s happening all over the world… government heads are being allowed, by the people, to act as dictators. What’s worse is in some cases (Australia, US & UK) they are exerting their “power” not only over their people, but over other countries in the world.

Political leaders are also spending far too much time looking after themselves, ensuring they find favour with big business so that when their term in office ends and they leave their government seats they will be well taken care of as board members, executives and consultants… while all the time collecting a publicly funded pension well above the rate you as an average pensioner will receive. This pension is granted regardless of their continued earnings and they are entitled to it as soon as they leave, not having to wait for retirement age to receive it.

Our political leaders are no longer in place for the people, and that is wrong! Few of them are thinking how to better the lives of their constituents, most are thinking of the best way to line their pockets.

A vessel of the people is what they should be! They should have the presence of mind to be open to all opinions, all concerns and the welfare of the people. They do not have the right and should not be afforded the privilege of forcing their opinion on the people and they DO NOT work for big business… they work for us and they should be accountable to us.

Don’t stand for it any more. Don’t be silent. When you see them doing something wrong, call them on it. Don’t listen to their promises, listen to see if they are listening to you. Promises are empty, only action is real.

In Australia it is compulsory to vote, so we all go and vote. It doesn’t mean that we all care about who gets into power. A lot of people are swayed by news polls, political sound bites, opinions of TV presenters and not enough people look beyond these to see that most of it is advertising.

As this is an election year in Australia I urge all Australians to do a little homework before you vote. Find out who you are voting for, look at their track record, ensure you feel they are the right person for the job; before you give them the job.

A vessel for the people that’s what I’m looking for, but I fear I’ll not find it any time soon.

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