The Gravedancers

The GravedancersA movie from Code Entertainment, distributed by After Dark Films, like Penny Dreadful and The Hamiltons. With this in mind and given my success with the two afore-mentioned films I shouldn’t have expected anything great from The Gravedancers.

Time moves at the start of the film but the movie fails to convey this. The acting while not completely bad could have been a whole lot better. And I don’t know what CheerWine is but they must have helped pay for the film, there is a vending machine in a residential house… who does that?

Three friends go to a cemetery the night of the funeral of another friend. After having a bit to drink they read the verse from a greeting card and dance on the graves of three people. What they didn’t know is that the verse was actually part of a curse and the ghosts of the souls in the graves have decided to follow them dancers home.

Made in 2006 I’m surprised that they makers were able to secure someone like Dominic Purcell from TVs “Prison Break”. Not that I’m saying he is a fantastic actor and deserves better than this film, but jeez he could have done better than this.

Having bagged the movie, I must admit, it has it’s freaky moments and it could have been worse. It almost was when the two girls go off and have a chat about who Harris (Dominic Purcell) loves while the two boys argue about who Syd loves. I mean you’re being attacked by some crazy assed ghosts and all you can think of is crap like that.

Oh and I love the closing the door on a ghost, like that is going to work.

Wait for the blood spurting from the neck scene, followed by the carry down the stairs scene where the victims head is left to hang but no more blood is seen. The other stunts and special effects leave a lot to be desired, as we move to the world of hi-def video (such as Blu-Ray) the cheesy effects will become even more cheesy.

The Gravedancers, watch at your own risk, this puppy is B-grade at best. “Respect the Dead!”

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  1. LOL one thing I left out was the lack of suspense, the lack of horror and the unrelated death scene at the beginning which I hear even the Director didn’t want to do.

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