The buyer not to be

As well you may know I have a couple of laptops for sale. I announced this sale at work and sent an email out detailing the machines and how much I would be selling them for. Someone at work has sent this email onto someone else who has now been emailing me to get more information and to haggle with me for price.

Here’s the gist of it… The laptops are $1,499 retail, I’m selling them for $1,200 a saving of $299 from retail. The boxes arrived and remain unopened, not even curiosity has me peeking, which my friends will know is a BIG deal for me.

I get this email from the guy, let’s call him “Rob” and he says great, I want to get one but can you move at all on price. I think easy sale, cash turn-around sure you can have it for $1,100.

His reply is, does it come with bonus RAM and if I come in with $1,000 tomorrow can I have it for that.

I’m thinking what tha! I’ve now given him a price which is $399 below what it would cost in a store, he can get his extra gig of RAM for about $89, caus I was pretty sure these were just stock standard systems.

I wrote back to advise that $1,100 is the absolute cheapest I would go and that I would have to check on the RAM as I didn’t have the machines with me at work.

I get into work this morning to find a note email from “Rob” saying

“I’ll wait to hear back from you tomorrow and see about the $100
Does it come with any accessories then.
i.e. Do I still have to buy a carry bag for it etc?”

So needless to say I responded:

Hi Rob,
No extra RAM and no Accessories, it is as it would come if you purchased it from a store.
Thanks for your interest however I think I’ll find another buyer.
Have a great long weekend.

I’m not going to be haggled down from a price that is already pretty cheap and I’m so not going to go down to a price that is 2 thirds of retail price AND I need to offset the cost of my new MacBook Pro, especially as the new ones have come out and I’ve now overpaid for mine three weeks ago.


  1. good job dude. What does he think you are?, an ebay store? Put that foot down.
    I would have started putting dollars back on.

    “I’ll wait to hear back from you tomorrow and see about the $100
    Does it come with any accessories then.
    i.e. Do I still have to buy a carry bag for it etc?”

    “Sorry just found another buyer, and they are willing to pay $1200. You up for $1300?”

  2. Ahh I should have done that, in the end the guy showed up, in his BMW, and paid the $1,100, now my credit card bill can go down a bit.

    Maybe he got the Beemer by being a tight-arse!

  3. The richest people I deal with at work are often the tightest with their money.. maybe thats how they get that way?

  4. Ahhh grasshopper! It’s still an $1100 profit, based on the expense of a bottle of pepsi and an SMS.

    Pretty good margin of profit if you ask me.

    People do suck though… I had people haggling over $1 for an entire brand new dinner set at a garage sale a while back. I told them to take a hike. Fruit loops the lot of them.

  5. I get that it is a nice profit for me, but just because I didn’t pay for it doesn’t reduce the value of the item. Nor, even if he knows this, should he expect to pay next to nothing for it. He’s a bad experience I’ll just as soon forget. Starting now! :P

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