The Astronaut Farmer

The Astronaut FarmerAt first I was hesitant about watching the movie; “The Astronaut Farmer“. It’s no secret I’m not a huge fan of Billy Bob Thornton. They guy simultaneously destroyed Santa and Lorelai Gilmore for me in one movie “Bad Santa” (thanks Craig and Mark).

Being a geek of the second order (there are much bigger geeks than me out there) and being that I have an unhealthy fascination with save, the movie dragged me in and I couldn’t be happier.

The Astronaut Farmer is a heart-warming story of a man who has a dream and will do anything to see it become reality. Even if that means losing the family farm. Of course that’s not the heart-warming bit.

What is truly joyous about this movie is how this one mans dream is held and supported by his whole family. They all embrace the dream and join Farmer as they build an orbiter and the launch rocket in their barn.

Trouble hits the family when Farmer tries to purchase 10,000 pounds of high-grade rocket fuel – that’s where the FBI comes in to dash the dreams of this man.

Not to be stopped Farmer (who listed his flight plan with the FAA) attempts a launch on his own with an alternative fuel source and it goes horribly awry. It seems at this time his dreams of space flight will never be.

But dreams never die and with the whole family dreaming surely it will come to pass.

I’ve not given away too much (you see most of this in the trailer) and I implore you to watch The Astronaut Farmer. If you don’t feel a tug at your heart strings you just aren’t human (or a human equivalent).

Oh and the best line in the film is when Farmer is asked by the FBI “How do we know you’re not building WMDs”.
Farmer replies “If I were building weapons of mass destruction, you wouldn’t have been able to find them!”

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