Star Trek, I’ve missed you

Star Trek Voyager

There’s not much on TV at the moment so I’m looking through our DVD collection of things to watch, we have a few.

I’ve opted for Star Trek Voyager, Season 6, Episode 1: Equinox part II. The story is the continuation of Season 5 cliff-hanger.

I’m not a complete Star Trek Geek, sure I can name most of the episodes of Voyager (well I used to be able to) but I do love the show and the ideals under which Gene Roddenberry created it in the first place.

Each episode contains a moral of some kind, the ideals it presents are ones we should all strive for.

The Prime Directive is all about live and let live. The basic rule is: don’t walk into an existing culture expecting it change to match you. You must respect the culture, not change it, live by it’s rules expect nothing.

I just read that all of the Star Trek franchises are to be remastered and prepared for release on Blu-ray and HD-DVD by the end of this year…. sweet!

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