Our new kitten

Our new kitten

It’s probably not what you think… no we haven’t decided to get a cat (yes Jennifer I know we already have a cat and that Perry is very safe and happy with you).

After reading so long that bunnies are happier when they are not living alone I thought we were doing Bungee a disservice by having her all alone. So we went back to the same man we bought Bungee from and found a cute little bunny who, as yet, remains unnamed.

The meeting of the rabbits hasn’t gone quite as well as I had hoped and they are now separated pending them becoming “bonded” apparently because Bungee is a girl it’s her turf and she has to let the other bunny stay… or she will kill it! Eek… I hope not.

I didn’t really realise just how big Bungee had gotten until I saw them together.

Wish us luck, if they do bond we’ll have two of the cutest rabbit in existance.

See more photos of the new bunny over at Flickr.


  1. awww he’s (hope he’s a he) so cute. I’m sure they’ll bond… Bungee girl just needs a bit of time and reassurance.

  2. OMG!! That is cute.. but Pez would have bonded just lovely with the bunny. Did you have the girl desexed or are you planning on more little bunnies? Baby bunnies are so cute.. unelss they are in the mouth of a dog… eewwww bad memories of my bunnies.

  3. Yeah Bungee has been desexed, no plans on breeding rabbits, the new guy is just to keep her company.

    And I remember that day too.. eeewwwww indeed.

  4. Awww cute. Looks like I’m gunna have to organise another trip home just to meet the new addition. :)

    Mum left a comment for you on my blog… So looks like I’m the messenger.

    She passes on her congratulations and suggested Beatrix as a name. Cute name, but not so appropriate for a boy bunny. ;)

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