Nothing like a sensational headline

In the wake of a tragedy such as the horrible train wreck of Tuesday The Age runs with a headline “More children feared dead” two days after the event and after all the bodys have been recovered…

More children feared dead

REKO RENNIE 9:58am | Police say that of the three victims of the Kerang train crash yet to be unidentified, some may be children.

I’m in now way trying to make light of the situation, and I feel for the families of all of the deceased but when are the newspapers going to get back to reporting the news. These days they have to dress up everything to sound worse than it is. Read any article and you’ll find a whole bunch of adjectives that are in place only to heighten the story.

Younger victims?

A police spokesman this morning said it was feared that of the three victims yet to be unidentified, some were children, younger than the other minors who had been identified so far.

They don’t say what condition the three unidentified bodies are in but surely, depending on the condition, it can’t be too hard to say if the bodies ARE those of children or not. I am surprised at how often the words children or child are used just as an attempt to tug at our heartstrings.

Even the use of the word “more” is over the top, it implies that there are more victims that we don’t know about, which isn’t the case. Argh I get annoyed by this type of reporting. And we won’t even go into the use of the words “some were children” when there are three bodies… some would mean ALL wouldn’t it?

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