Friday night fun

After an uneventful Friday at work, where the biggest thing that happened was the launch of the employment section of the website an interesting night began.

First, at about 5.30pm David rang to say that he was stuck on his train just outside Yarraville. Turns out a vLine train had hit a garbage truck at the Yarraville crossing and the entire trainline was shut down pending a clean-up of the scene.

First I have to say that no one was hurt. Second WTF was the garbage truck doing on the tracks. Yarraville has boomgates and bells. Stupid people cause all of the problems in the world, as Edina says (ab fab) we should tax the stupid people!

Fortuneatly David’s train was JUST off the platfrom from Yarraville and the people in the first three carriages were allowed to climb out of the carriage and make a short walk down the track to the platform. So that was the first bit of excitement.

The second exciting thing was my chance to finally take up the invitation to join the Mustard Flava boys on their podcast. It was a great experience and one I’d happily repeat, even though I was fearful at first.

DJP was talking about the site Vimeo and was videoing the room for a short period of time. Vimeo must be nice and easy to use because without us knowing he was doing anything Darren had already uploaded a video of the podcast recording which you can see below.

It was great, you quickly forget that you’re being recorded and you’re just sitting there talking with friends.

friday 29th june 2007 – mustard flava recording from and Vimeo.

It was fun guys… thanks for the opportunity. Everyone else, check out for more information, Episode 15.

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